Kenny Fries's Works

The History of My Shoes and the Evolution of Darwin's Theory

"An amazing book ? beautiful and unique. Kenny Fries makes dazzling connections between the most intimate details and the most sweeping panoramas, and left me changed by his insights."
— Joan Silber, author of Ideas of Heaven

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Body, Remember: A Memoir

"Sometimes you find your genius in your wounds . . . Fries's story is more than a story of the overcoming of his disabilities; rather it is the story of becoming ? becoming a person who resists being marginalized as other."
Riverfront Times

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Staring Back: The Disability Experience from the Inside Out

"This stimulating anthology makes a claim for the new field of disability studies."
— Bell Gale Chevigny, The Nation

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Desert Walking: Poems

"Kenny Fries is a poet of the luminous moment and the luminous landscape. His poems, even when melancholy or wistful, celebrate the world illuminated by love: the love of two men for each other, the love of a man for the natural world (especially the stark beauty of the deserts of the American West), and the love of the artist for color, shape, and form, for drawing order out of matter. The pure lyricism of these poems is piercing, the intensity of focus is unwavering."
— Reginald Shepherd, author of Fata Morgana

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Anesthesia: Poems

"Tough-minded and sparely written, the poems take their source from a clear and calm intelligence that projects an aura of affirmation in the face of suffering and loss. Fries is not content with the merely personal; his work spins into wider worlds."
— Colette Inez

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In the Gardens of Japan

Poet and non fiction writer Kenny Fries, in Japan first on the Japan-US Creative Artists' Exchange Fellowship and later on a Fulbright grant, composed the series of poems "In the Gardens of Japan" in 2002, inspired by several of Japan's famous gardens. In 2006 he collaborated with calligrapher and designer Yugo Yasuda to produce a limited edition tenugui (a traditional Japanese cloth "towel").

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