Body, Remember by the award winning Author Kenny Fries

Body, Remember: A Memoir

"Sometimes you find your genius in your wounds . . . Fries's story is more than a story of the overcoming of his disabilities; rather it is the story of becoming becoming a person who resists being marginalized as other."
Riverfront Times

"A remarkable memoir."

"Refreshing in its lack of false inspirational tone. . . . To shape into coherence the raw material of almost unbearable life experience is always a form of victory.  . . . I wanted to shout hallelujah."
San Francisco Bay Guardian

" ... thoughtful, insistent search into the poetry and mystery of the human body. In examining his own history Fries makes plain how deeply complicated memory itself can be."
— Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina

"For Fries . . . the body represents a paradisiacal landscape to shape and project [his] dreams of acceptance and redemption. . . . Every detail matters, every second counts. . . . His scenes have the power of authenticity.
— Achy Objejas, Chicago Tribune